After Four Long Years On The Streets An Injured Australian Shepherd Is Saved


Residents of a Clarksville, Tennessee neighborhood didn’t think much of it when they began seeing a stray dog wandering around. As a matter of fact they claim that the Australian shepherd was more like a “ghost” – one that haunted the area for about 17 months!

The residents of the town say that there wasn’t much that could be done to save the poor pup, that they called “Patches.” When they first started seeing him in July of 2014, they left food and water out, but catching him proved to be near impossible, especially without the proper resources. Unfortunately for Patches, he wasn’t just a stray: he was also injured. The collar he wore, wasn’t just around his neck. It wrapped around one leg as well.

Finally, this month, animal control took over the situation and used all of their resources in capturing the Australian Shepherd. They used hunting cameras and other tracking tools to follow his movements around the town.

After four days of watching Patches they set up a non-harmful trap, a kennel, which was attached to a 500 foot parachute cord to shut the kennel door from a distance once the dog went inside. One early morning, Patches was finally rescued!

Once rescued, Patches turned out to be an extremely friendly dog. The animal control officers couldn’t believe how long he had survived on his own without a home. He was on his own for four years, with no place to call home.

A microchip on the pooch revealed that he once belonged to a family, however, that family was found to be no longer suitable to care for a pet. Patches has a little work to do first because of his time on the streets.

He needs a little rehabilitation training, but he should be ready soon to be part of a loving family and a forever home!