Most Intelligent Dog Breeds of the World!


Not only humans, but even dogs are “Mr. SmartyPants”. Yes! You heard it right! Amongst dog breeds, few of them are counted amidst the most intelligent ones.

Intelligent Dog

When we talk about intelligent dog breeds, it comprises of trainability, teach-ability and of course the personality of dog. Although, it also depends on the trainer and the owner as to what do they aspire to teach their dog. The subsequent list of dog breeds endeavor to evaluate the brain power of the dogs and not hurting any dog owner’s feeling.

Border Collie

Also recognized as “Scotch Sheep Dog”, this adorable Border Collie is generally found the highlands of Scotland and England. They are generally bred to guard sheep and livestock. They are better known for their problem solving behavior and strong instincts. A Border Collie can be trained without any difficulty. Collie gets along well with other dogs and humans. As they like to stay healthy and fit, they blossom in a place, where they could do a lot in a day.

Intelligent DogPoodle

Poodles are cute pooches, aren’t they? They have three types, standard, miniature and toy. A standard poodle is best for kids and family. With a great stamina and intelligence, they are amazing at dog sports. To keep themselves busy, poodles love to hunt and are very active all day long. They score 10 on 10 in their obedience training and flourish in sophisticated and organized surroundings. If trained well, poodles can be great at camping, hiking and swimming as well.

Intelligent DogGerman Shepherd

German Shepherd are big dogs, who love to work. They are bred in order to herd sheep. However, their intellectual skills, agility and great strength act as icing on the cake. They are often engaged as military and police dogs, rescue and assistance dogs. German Shepherd are known for their high intellect and if we take into account the stats and figures, they become skilled at easy things in just 5 repetitions. They are loyal and certainly very reliable dogs.

Intelligent DogGolden Retriever

One of the most loving dogs is Golden Retriever. They love water and are very intelligent. They are known for hunting, rescuing, searching and leading the deaf or blind. You would find them in uptowns and come out to be great family pets. Being compliant is one of their best abilities and because they very friendly, you would love to be around them.

Intelligent Dog

With the highly intimidating look, you would find Doberman employed with people who coerce debtors. You would also find them assisting the police.  However, to be on such a job, this dog breed needs proper training. Apart from this, Doberman can also be a friendly family pet, who could turn out to be a great guard dog too.

Intelligent DogLabrador

As soon as you see a Labrador, he will definitely make you smile. Yes, Labradors are the most pleasant dogs you would ever see and also are very intelligent. When given a task, they never let you down. If guided and trained properly, Labradors are obedient. You would find labs as assistance dogs, like leading the blind, helping autism individuals and being therapy dogs. Labs love to swim, climb, jump and more. They are full of energy and you would fall in love with labs even when you spend the tiniest amount of time with them.

Intelligent DogRottweiler

Known for their intelligence, courage and good nature, Rottweiler breed is counted amongst the strong and smart dogs’ category. They are usually found as guard and rescue dogs, but also are cool family pets. With their ability of being obedient, they are often seen working for police as well. However, Rottweilers need to be trained professionally and smartly.

Intelligent Dog
Great Dane

Also known by the name of “Gentle Giants”, Great Danes are big in size, very gentle and not at aggressive. They are often bred as hunting dogs, and possessing impressive intellectual ability, they can be trained without any complexity. They score well from being a family pet to a working dog. However, one has to be pretty careful in their initial days make them exercise well. Because of their quick growth, they might suffer bone and joint problems.

Intelligent DogSt.

St. Bernad is the cuddliest. Often bred as rescue dogs, they are known for their intelligence and strong physical abilities. With high agility and strength, they turn out to be superb family pets. Children love them and with a gentle expression on their faces, people who claim, they don’t love dogs, also tend to fall in love with them.

Intelligent DogSiberian

Known for their high speed, Huskies are usually seen pulling sledges in snow. They are also seen as family pets, but with high energy, athletic nature, and intelligence, Huskies are superb at activities like dog scootering, carting, hiking and more. With so much of liveliness all the time, they like to be working on something always. Train them well, and they would be fun to play with.

Intelligent DogIn the end, we would just like to say that no breed is unintelligent; it’s just that one is smarter than the other!