NEVER Introduce Pit Bulls To Kittens


Pit bulls and kittens are a lethal combo: they may seriously kill you with cuteness. When the two are combined,  all sorts of terrible things can happen.  We have the perfect countdown of videos displaying all kinds of unforgivable behavior.

Warning: The videos below may simulate the emotional effect of sticks of dynamite packed with “AWWWW.”  We strongly suggest you endure the pain.

Ferocious Attacks May Lead To High Levels Of Anxiety

Just the thought of teeny tiny kittens “battling” monstrous pit bulls can lead to serious anxiety issues. Can the battle even have a losing side when something THIS PERFECT is occurring? And who will you root for? UGH, the uncertainty of it all!!! LOL!

May Result In Excessive Kissing

After the battle is either won, lost, or tied, it is definitely possible that either party may resort to making up with sloppy, wet kisses. Considering the size difference, this “behavior” may be construed as harmful: we have all been victim to killer kisses!

It’s Just Unsanitary!

Both parties involved have been known to influence the other to abandon all proper grooming techniques. This may lead to a revolt, causing an international grooming apocalypse. SCARY!

The Danger Of Emotional Trauma

Pit bulls begging kittens for playtime may be harmful to their self-esteem.  Just imagine what the other pit bulls may say at the dog park. Or on the streets! Oh my gosh, the humiliation! There goes their street cred!

Excessive Slobber Is Likely

Be forewarned: all this play and all these kisses will lead to saliva overload. And that’s just gross. LOL!

Species Dysphoria Is A Real Possibility!

The two may become so in sync that they have completely forgotten where one starts and the other one ends. Like, which one is the rugged dog that should be feared? And who is the fluff ball that represents true innocence?  Wait, am I even in the right body? And who really cares when we have matching bandannas!

Mingling Claws And Jaws

Claws and Jaws people! Scary, scary claws and jaws! We can imagine the sheer panic of this sight, so please, look the other way if you need to. Combined, kitten claws and pit bull jaws exude a potent miasma of “awwww.” Always proceed with caution! And try not to smile too much! Your actual smile, combined with these claws and jaws, may ignite a full on laugh. And laughing hurts.

Reason That Pit Bulls Should NEVER Be Introduced To Kittens (Insert Drum Roll Here!):

The Sheer Cuteness Can Make Your Head Explode

It’s a likely side effect we have no control over, and apologize for any part we have played in your brain explosion, but seriously, wasn’t it worth it?!

In conclusion, putting a pit bull and kitten together is like ingesting Pop Rocks and soda. We were told that this should never be done. But when something this awesome happens we get a cuteness explosion that is way better than candy!

(Wait, is there anything better than candy? Um, YEA! Pit bulls and kittens are!)[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]