Titti, A Six Years Old Dog Ran As Fast As She Could To…Jump Off The Cliff?


Once upon a time, there lived a jumping dog called Titti. Titti is not a Labrador with webbed paws and expert paddling skills, in fact, she’s a Jack Russell who loves to follow her daddy at everything he does. But, that is not all of Titti’s magic! Titti also knows how to do thrilling dives from hilltops, rocks and even cliffs! Wait, what?

Currently being one of the most celebrated internet celebrities, Titti has a knack for deadly adventures whenever her daddy is around. This brave Jack Russell started swimming as a pup with her 49-year old daddy, Carmelo. Seeing Titti’s zest for thrill, Carmelo also taught her to dive when she was just a 4 months pup! And Titti, fell in love with diving so much that now she even does synchronized dives with her daddy from cliffs!