When You See Why This Majestic Labrador Cried Like A Puppy, Your Heart Will Melt


Do you know what happens when two loved ones meet again after a long period of time? They both cry, right? They’ve missed each other so much that all they want to do is hug and cry all the pain away. The same goes for this adorable Labrador pup, who hadn’t seen her daddy in 6 months. You see US Soldier – Lt. Gary Daughterly was deployed away from home for 6 months and hadn’t seen any of his family members, including his pup during that period of time.

When he got back home, his Labrador, called Bugaboo immediately recognized his voice and dashed to welcome her daddy with hugs and kisses! The butterball was so carried away with her emotions that for once she thought that she was still a puppy and began crying like one to express her happiness over her daddy’s return!