He Was Abandoned And Left At A Shelter For Months. Now, Be Has A Furever Home And The BEST Job!


You may remember this sad pup, Bobby, who sat for months in Miami Dade Animal Services. The photo of him looking sad in his Christmas sweater went viral and stole the hearts of millions. Now, through the power of social media, he has found a furever home with a family who loves and adores him! He also has a brand-new red sweater to replace his old one, along with a clean bill of health!

But not only does Bobby have a new home and sweater, he also has a new job. His new dog-mom, Paola Mariaca, is the founder of a pet therapy program at the Ponce Plaza Nursing Center, and she decided to make Bobby a part of it! Now, instead of just getting love from his new mom, he gets love from all of the nursing home residents!