Legend The Dog Helps Young Children Who Have Seen or Been Victims of Terrible Crimes


It’s amazing how I can do so many of these stories and still be amazed at what I see every single day. The dog featured in the video below is named legend, and he’s an employee of the district attorney’s office who specializes in helping kids who have to testify in court for violent crimes they’ve witnessed or been victims of. It’s not an easy thing to do, to say the least, so legend is there to comfort the kids who have to take the stand.

“When they’re with Legend they’ll sometimes just talk to Legend, and they just explain what happened…he’ll sit beside them and he’ll put his head on their lap so they can pet him while they testify. That’s for the bigger kids, for the littler kids…he’ll just lay at their feet, just so they know he’s there and they can feel his presence and they can feel safe.” Check out the amazing story in the full video below, and don’t forget to share Legend’s incredible story!