Dog, Who Lost Her Leg in A Train Accident, Showers Her Rescuers With Kisses Upon Rescue


Stray animals are always at risk of being injured by people as well as vehicles. Darting across streets to find shelter or the next garbage can for a meal, they don’t practice the etiquette of looking both ways first.

That often leads to serious injuries and most likely death, if they’re not able to receive immediate emergency care. But one dog managed to survive being hit by a train, thanks to the quick efforts of one police officer. Kevin McCullen received a call about a dog who had just been hit by a train and looked like she was in for the worst.Lost Her Leg
On arriving at the scene, he found Molly, looking pretty banged up after her ordeal. She had already lost one leg, part of her tail, and almost half of her blood as gone from her system.

Lost Her Leg
Despite all of the pain she must have been going through, the first thing she did when Kevin approached her was to give him a kiss. Molly was taken to the Baltimore Animal Rescue, Care, and Shelter where she was treated for her injuries.
Lost Her Leg
She’s slowly making a recovery, and two weeks after her accident, was already wagging her tail whenever anyone got close.
She’s currently in a foster home until she’s recovered enough to be adopted, but Kevin’s definitely at the front of the line to take this little trooper home with him.
Lost Her Leg
We’re all vying for this brave officer to add her to his family, but no matter who gets to adopt Molly, she will be truly loved. Share away, people