Mama Pig Was Dying After Birthing 13 Piglets — That’s When a Miracle Happened


If anyone needed proof that miracles can happen, or that a mother’s love for her children can overcome anything, the video below of Emma the pig is exactly that proof. Emma came to Apricot Lane Farms skinny, sick and also pregnant. The farmers were told they would be lucky if she had six piglets. Boy, were they wrong.

Emma not only had 13 piglets that survived, but when things looked dire for her after an intense labor, she used them as motivation to go on. She had a fever that forced her body to stop producing milk and she wouldn’t eat. It was looking like the farmers would be bottle feeding for the next several weeks of the piglets’ lives, until they had an idea. They gave Emma one more shot to be there for her piglets, and she came through in the best way.