Mama Pit Bull And Her Baby Hide From Their Owner, When You See What They Did, You’ll Know Why! YIKES!


We’ve all seen our fair share of “guilty dog” videos  over the years. And even though I’m not crazy about ‘pet shaming’ animals for making mistakes, this particular video is definitely hysterical…mostly because it didn’t happen to me!

The following YouTube video was posted by Ashlynn Breck and in it are her two delightful dogs, a mother and her baby. As you’ll see, the mama pit bull terrier is trying hard to protect her little one. At first, I couldn’t help but worry. Why were these two animals so scared of their owner Are they abused?

But, it only takes a second for the truth to come out. The dogs are petrified because they know that they are GUILTY! Someone, has left a nasty calling card on the carpet… and, sad to say for this owner, it didn’t stop there.

What a catastrophe! I can’t help but feel sorry for this pet owner. I mean who would want to come home after a long day at work to find THIS, but as we all well know, it does happen!