Why This Man Emptied His Bank Account To Travel 1500 Miles Will Surprise You!


If you’re a dog lover you know that sometimes your sixth sense works wonders because as soon as you see your fur ball, you know immediately that that’s the one you want to spend the rest of your life with! It’s love at first site! This is exactly the feeling I got when I saw Max, my Cocker Spaniel for the first time! This is also what a man called Joel Carpenter felt when he saw a Collie-Husky mix called Sadie for the first time.

He saw Sadie’s photo on PetFinder.com and immediately fell in love with her, but here’s the problem. Sadi was in Minnesota and Joel was in Maine and the distance between them was 1500 miles. This man drained his bank account and bought a ticket worth $300 to travel to Minnesota to adopt Sadie, but then there was another problem. They didn’t have enough funds to return home.