Dying Man With Cancer Walks Into Abandoned Church, Only To Find A True Miracle…


A Minnesota man with terminal cancer was in desperate need of a miracle and found it in one of the most unlikely places.

At age 57, Greg Thomas was diagnosed with stag e 4 cancer head and neck cancer and given only a few months to live. Just like this mother and daughter was battled cancer together, doctors told his family to start planning his funeral. Although he was growing weak, he coped with his stress by walking his loyal dog through the countryside. On one fateful day, he took a different path, which led him to an old, abandoned church.

Sitting on the front steps of the church, he shed a few tears and prayed for a miracle. As he looked at the church, which was in desperate need of repair, Thomas suddenly felt compelled to start caring for the church and got approval from the historical society to start repairing it. Little by little, he restored the church and gave the exterior a fresh coat of paint.

Now, three years later, his cancer is in remission. Thomas plans to continue his work on the church, moving on to the roof and the interior of the church next.

No matter your religion, we can all agree this is a beautifully touching story about the power of faith and miracles.

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