Best Medium Size Dogs for Apartments


Because many people are under the misconception that an apartment requires an ankle biter, I’ve put together a list of the 5 best medium size dogs for apartments. I’ve already told you about the best big dogs for apartments, so I think we should cover the middle of the road guys, too.


It’s easy to have a little dog in an apartment. You can have a ginormous dog if you’ve got the space. Medium size dogs for apartments are a nice middle ground, and there are some great breeds out there.


Although this breed can look intimidating, you only have to be around a Boxer for about 30 seconds to realize what an incredible pet it is. Boxers are loyal, loving goofballs. It’s a medium size dog that will do best in an apartment with an active owner. Medium Size DogsIt loves to be active and play, making it a great pet for the apartment dweller who enjoys the outdoors. Another plus is that although this breed isn’t aggressive, it IS highly alert, making it a great guard dog.

American Pit Bull


Much like the Staffordshire Terrier, the American Pit Bull has gotten the shaft. Because of their powerful muscular build and tenacity, some people subvert the breed’s true nature and bastardize that power into the cruel “sport” of dog fighting, breeding Pits that are highly aggressive and dangerous.Medium Size Dogs I can tell you from my years of working at a vet in the Chicagoland area that the American Pit Bull is one of THE best choices for medium size dogs for apartments. Just like the Staffordshire, the Pit is intensely loyal, loving to the point of doting, and exceedingly friendly. When properly socialized as a puppy, the American Pit Bull is friendly with people, other dogs, cats, and even animals such as rabbits and Guinea pigs. The only good thing about their “bad” reputation is that they are an excellent deterrent to intruders.

English Bulldog

This has now made my list of best large dogs for apartments as well as best medium size dogs for apartments. How can it be in both? Well, the English Bulldog varies pretty widely in size. They can range in size from the stander 50 pounds to Tank, the English Bulldog that used to come to the vet where I worked. He weighed in at a whopping 90+ pounds, and he wasn’t fat!Medium Size Dogs English Bulldogs are the perfect medium size dogs for apartments when a more docile pooch is preferred. They require short walks, after which they’ll plop down next to their person and snore contentedly away.

Basset Hound

These guys look exactly as they behave – friendly, goofy, and lovable. the Basset Hound makes my list of the best medium size dogs for apartments because they are easy to train, loving, and full of playful exhuberance.Medium Size Dogs Basset Hounds are hunting dogs, so they need adequate outdoor activity. You don’t have to go bag a buck, though. A nice dog park or a good long walk will suffice. Although they are goofy and playful, they also love to splatter out next to their people when play time is over. Their easy going, eager-to-please nature makes them extremely trainable and excellent companions.

Chow Chow

This breed makes my list for best medium size dogs for apartments for a few reasons. It’s an extremely loyal breed and loves its family intensely. At the same time, it is a consummate guard dog which will fiercely protect its family. Because of these two traits, it makes an excellent dog for apartments. Remember, when dealing with a Chow Chow you MUST socialize the breed early, often, and consistently. This is NOT the type of dog that you never bring around people or animals until its first visit to the vet. Take your Chow Chow out and about as soon as you get it. Show it that it doesn’t have to protect the family from everything outside the confines of the apartment. If you do that, you’ll have a loyal, lovable, moderately protective dog that makes the perfect companion.Medium Size Dogs

That’s my top 5 medium size dogs for apartments. As you can see, there are quite a lot of personalities to choose from in the dog world, from goofy to lazy to highly alert. And these are just my PERSONAL picks. There are so many breeds to choose from out there, you’re sure to find the right breed for you.

As always, please make adoption your first option. Visit your local shelter. If you don’t find the right pup for you, check the many online rescue sites. Also, don’t get set on the idea of a puppy. There are plenty of wonderful adult dogs for adoption. This is a great option in your hunt for medium size dogs for apartments, because you don’t have to worry about your deposit when potty training.