This Mighty Lion Was Isolated From His Pride, Hours Later He Saw A Man…


This is the story of Aslan, a stunning white male lion who was in immense pain. Over the past years, this lion lost his vital canines and this resulted in him being agitated and isolated from his pride. It was then when he saw his best friend Kevin Richardson, and that’s when he knew that help had arrived.

Kevin got in touch with Fixodent who ultimately helped the big cat regain his life and his pride. They give Aslan the lion, two root canals and pull out a few unhealthy teeth to help him stay on top of the food chain. Once the procedure was complete, Aslan is taken back to his pride and you’ve got to watch everyone’s reaction!

Take a look at Aslan getting released into the wild! (The video below contains graphic visualization of dentistry surgery from 3:10 – 3:58, skip through this part if you can’t stand the sight of blood.)