A Mom And Her Puppy Are Now Safe And Sound.


Hope for Paws, work tirelessly to try to eliminate the never ending epidemic of dogs on the streets. This video, featuring a mom and her pup, makes me so happy. They are now off the streets and waiting for their forever home. YAY!!! OMG! Oreo races to protect Cookie Monster! When Hope For Paws got the text about this mom & her pup, Lisa Chiarelli and I headed out to try and save them. On day 1, the dogs were too close to the freeway, and we had to back off so no one would get hurt (dogs or humans on the road). On day 2 we had a lucky break – you’ll have to watch the video to see what happens Mom And Her PuppyAfter Oreo & Cookie Monster got medical care, they continued to our friends at Bark n’ Bitches Dog Boutique / Jimi’s Angels.
PLEASE SHARE this video so we can find both of them loving forever homes! JORDAN is also making a guest star appearance towards the end of the video: