This Monkey Gently Grooms His Doggy Pal. Watch What Happens At The End!


MonkeyBoo the monkey gets along really well with his doggy BFF, Mac the Pit bull. He does what monkeys do best, groom! While Mac is lying down on the bed ready to take a nap, MonkeyBoo starts searching his fur for anything he can pick out. MonkeyBoo grooms Mac as if he were his own child.

It’s so cute to see how gentle he is with him. He’s so gentle that it puts Mac right to sleep! He goes into such a deep sleep that he begins to snore really loud. MonkeyBoo just keeps on grooming away. How lucky is Mac…he gets to take a nap AND get groomed all at once! But I think all that grooming makes the monkey tired as well. He takes a break and just watches his doggy pal sleep while he’s just rubbing his fur. Too cute!