Guy Throws A Shoe At A Monkey Then Fist Fights To Save His Life


This is ridiculous and some people should just grow up. This monkey is just going about relaxing on the back of this motorcycle. No harm, no foul, right? But then someone decides that he might hurt the bike. The obvious answer: throw something at them. No worries about damaging the motorcycle with the shoe that got thrown, this is obviously the work of someone acting like a child.

But it gets worse. Do you think the monkey would take the assault with nary a care? No, clearly not. And so, the aggressive man gets a face full of monkey rage. There are no words to describe the battle that ensues. Monkey versus man, no holds barred. The man fist fights the monkey, incredibly, the cameraman does nothing but film. This is just crazy.

What if a man was to throw a shoe on that man for leaning on his car? Share this video if you’ve also never seen the likes of this before.