Monster Lifts Dying Wolf By The Ears To Pose For A Photograph Before Killing It


It’s not easy for us to see images of animals that have been hunted. Some people do it for survival – using their meat and fur for food and clothing respectively – but the images of hunters posing beside their kills has never sat right with anyone. No one was comfortable with the images from Kazakhstan of a hunter posing with a wolf.

Instead of the poor creature dying instantly, the animal was still alive while the man held the wolf up by the ears. This gave the wolf a toothy “grin” for the photos, but there was no doubt that it hurt. The wolf even tried fighting back against the man, trying to bite him wherever the creature could reach. But it was soon subdued to the ground, and it even appears as if the man is choking it to make sure that it’s dead.

Unfortunately, the man is licensed by the local authorities to hunt wolves, so nothing can be done to curtail his activities. But there are still better measures that could be taken in ensuring that the animal doesn’t have to suffer a painful and prolonged death.

Hunting wolves in Kazakhstan won’t show any signs of being curtailed any time soon, with over 30,000 wolves living in the wild, and their status is not protected by the country. What do you think about this man? Please SHARE.