Monsters Tossed A Puppy Over The Fence On Chilly Morning With A Deep Gash In Her Head


Accepting responsibility for an animal is not something we can just give up when we’re tired of taking care of them. These animals rely on us to survive, and throwing them away reduces their chance of ever finding happiness ever again.

There are the appropriate channels, such as adoption agencies, who can provide the help that these animals need, but it’s up to the owner to take them. And many owners choose not to.

On one frigid morning, an hour before the Hamilton County Humane Society was scheduled to open, someone drove up and dumped a puppy over their fence with a large gash in her head and a jump rope tied around her collar.Monsters Tossed A Puppy

Thankfully, the medical manager of the shelter came in early and found the poor pup, shivering and scared.Monsters Tossed A Puppy

Named Miri, she was found with her paws frozen, but it didn’t take long to get her back to her normal temperatures.Monsters Tossed A Puppy

Miri didn’t have to stay at the shelter very long, though.Monsters Tossed A Puppy

Once she’d been stitched up, the staff sorted through the adoption papers and found her the perfect home with a new family eight days later.Monsters Tossed A Puppy

Krista and her fiance had just lost a pit bull to lymphoma and were seeking a new one.Monsters Tossed A PuppyThey already had a heartbroken pit bull of their own, and he was delighted to see that he was getting another sibling to spend his days with.

Monsters Tossed A Puppy
Renamed Vespa, she had no problems adjusting to her new life with her doggy sibling Pig Pen, and is making wonderful strides in adjusting to her new home. Share away, people.