They Saw A Motionless Wolf, But When They Walked Closer…OMG


Trapping animals is becoming a bigger and bigger problem, due to the conservation restraints of ensuring that the populations of wild animals are maintained. Animals like wolves are definitely targeted, believing that they do more harm than good. Trappers argue that their methods are human and rarely cause injuries to the animals, but there is plenty of documented evidence to prove otherwise, such is the case with this white wolf.

If not for this rescuer’s attempts, it would have succumbed to the elements, dehydration, or the predatory actions of other animals. And even if the trapper were to return in time, he would likely club or strangle the frightened animal to death. Here, the wolf’s paw is caught in a trap, and once the rescuer gets it free, using a simple piece of board to keep himself safe, the wolf takes off without a moment’s notice.