Motorcycle hits dog


The dramatic moments two motorcyclists came within of inches of death has been captured on video showing how after initially hitting a dog, they then narrowly avoided a speeding truck.

The first video shows a motorcyclist losing control of his bike after hitting a dog that ran out in front of him. A second biker then falls as a result. Both can be seen sliding along the road.

As if this wasn’t dramatic enough alone, the footage then shows a semi-truck speeding towards the immobilized bikers, with little chance of avoiding the men.

A second video of the incident, filmed from behind the crash, shows just how close one of the men in particular was to being struck by the truck.

After falling from his bike and sliding along the ground, the quick thinking biker managed to jump out of the way of the truck, avoiding death by mere inches.

The first man to fall from his bike can be heard shouting in pain after the crash while the second man can be seen wheeling his bike off the road, apparently uninjured.