Dog Breeds That Need A Lot of Exercise


There are hundreds of different dog breeds out there and choosing the right one for you is important to ensure a long, happy life for you and the dog. When it comes to exercise, many people are more ambitious than they are realistic. You might be wanting a dog that needs a lot of exercise, but may not be ready for just how much exercise these breeds need. That said, if you’re ready for the challenge and looking for a companion to match your active lifestyle, check out these active dog breeds!

Border Collie

Need A Lot of Exercise

Border Collies are becoming more and more popular, but we’re also finding an increase in this breed in shelters and rescues. This is because the Border Collie is a true working breed that needs a job to do. These dogs are ready to go at all times, even when you really don’t feel like going inside. They make excellent active companions that enjoy training in a great number of dog sports.

Belgian Malinois

Need A Lot of ExerciseBelgian Malinois are very active dogs best for the experienced owner. This breed is used frequently in policy and military work. They are intense, loyal and always ready to go. This is a breed that needs a job and adequate exercise to be a comfortable member of the family.

Siberian Husky

Need A Lot of ExerciseThe Siberian Husky is a northern breed created to run and pull sleds very long distances. Because of this, they’ve maintained their desire to get out in the open and move. This breed needs a lot of exercise and makes a great hiking and running partner and can become destructive if not provided ample physical exercise.


Need A Lot of ExerciseThe Vizsla is a Hungarian hunting dog that was bred to work for very long periods and cover large distances. They do best in very active homes and need adequate exercise to be happy members of the family.


Need A Lot of ExerciseBrittanys are a French hunting dog that make great family companions. That said, they are very active dogs that need a lot of physical exercise. Like other hunting dogs, they are used to moving across large areas for long periods of time.

Australian Shepherd

Need A Lot of ExerciseThe Australian Shepherd is a very active herding breed that is becoming more and more popular. They need a lot of exercise and do best when given a job to do. This breed excels at various dog sports and when provided enough exercise, make excellent companions.


Need A Lot of ExerciseWeimaraners are very active dogs that are a favorite breed for those looking for running and hiking partners. This hunting dog does best in an active home where they can release their energy in ways that are healthy for dog and humans.

American Foxhound

Need A Lot of ExerciseThe American Foxhound is a very active hunting dog that needs a lot of exercise to be a suitable family member. They are loyal, fun-loving and social dogs but were bred for a job that required ample physical activity.


Need A Lot of ExerciseDalmatians are goofy dogs that love spending time with their families, but they are an active breed that needs a lot of exercise. They do best as running or hiking partners where they are given a healthy outlet for their energy.

Doberman Pinscher

Need A Lot of ExerciseThe Doberman Pinscher is a large working breed that does best when provided a job. This breed needs a lot of physical exercise to be suitable members of the family. They respond well to training and are loyal, loving companions.

Jack Russell Terrier

Need A Lot of ExerciseThe Jack Russell became popular because of it’s size, but they are active dogs in a tiny body. Don’t be fooled by their sweet looks. This breed was created to work all day, every day. They are highly active and need a lot of physical exercise lest they become destructive.