Brave Woman Saves a Neglected Pit Bull After Being Mercilessly Beaten on the Street


Brianne Smith was at work when she saw a man savagely beating a pit bull. She rushed out to stop the abusive owner. The man took off, but a couple hours later she found the pitbull, and now wants to adopt him.

Probably the guy realized that he should just give him up, or the poor dog managed to escape on his own, because the dog was spotted hours later in the same spot where the abuse took place.

Brianne was determined to save him this time.

“I grabbed some food, and brought him back all the way to this gate, and I wrapped him up in a couple blankets I had in my car from my dog, and I just waited for the rescue to come help him.”

Later, the doctors discovered a bullet in the dog’s nose. He was named Diesel and is currently in the care of Detroit Dog Rescue as his case is being investigated.  Hopefully they will find the responsible for his situation.

Michigan Anti-Cruelty did a fabulous job of wiring Diesel’s jaw and that wire will remain in his jaw for the next 6-8 weeks. A bullet did enter through Diesel’s nose and then exploded leaving fragments in his head and neck. Those fragments are causing extreme swelling and we are going to determine whether it’s safe to take those fragments out,” DDR said on Facebook.

However, a man named Elliott Woods, said that he is the real dad of Diesel, whose name is actually Blue.  He says that Blue and his other dog, Cookie, were stolen from him, and that it wasn’t until he saw the news that he found out what happened.  He says that he had gone to different shelters looking for them, and though he is very saddened by what has happened (Cookie has still not been located), he understands the process that must be gone through to determine true ownership.