A Pit Bull and her newborn puppies get rescued, but what happens next will amaze you!


Hope For Paws has received calls about stray animals before, but not any were quite like this. Some kindhearted person called the rescue group when the noticed a stray pit bull giving birth in the back yard. The man in the video thinks ahead and brings a video camera, and now we can all share this heartwarming story. After closing off the back yard, with a lot of help from some awesome neighbors, members of Hope For Paws approach the poor momma and catch her.

She is obviously tired, and when the recue team pets her, her tension begins to fade. The rescue team finds her puppies, and took them to the Veterinary Care Center. Lexus, as they decided to call her, and her puppies (Cooper, Beemer, Prius, and Mercedes) all had fleas, and received immediate care from the Vet. But what happened with Lexus next is almost too much to be believed.

Take a look at this video below!