Nursing Dog And The 8 Newborns She Refused To Leave Behind Are Rescued


Recent heavy rains in North Carolina have created a muddy mess in recent days, which made a pregnant pup’s search for a safe place to give birth a little difficult.

The black lab, nicknamed “Vee”, thought she found a cozy spot underneath her neighbor’s outbuilding. But after a bout of heavy rain, the slippery mud made it difficult for her and her newborns to leave the area after giving birth. The new mom and her litter found themselves stuck for almost two days.

Vee’s owner made the call to the Hickory Rescue Squad after he couldn’t lure her out from under the outbuilding, even with some food. The new mom needed to stay with her babies!

Rescuers pulled Vee out first, and then moved quickly to save the puppies, who weren’t more than 48 hours old. One by one they were pulled out from the mud, totaling a litter of eight!

The babies were muddy, but luckily they were saved from the cold and potential drowning, with more rain in the forecast. Mom and her litter all survived the ordeal, and are resting in their warm and dry home!