Old Dog Given Up After 14 Years Finds New Home In Record Time


This is what a hopeless dog looks like.”

A senior dog named Ox hung his head down low while lying in bed at the Humane Society for Hamilton County. Ox had been surrendered by his owner — after14 years. Apparently, the owner’s new significant other was allergic to Ox, so the pup was given up completely.

The staff at the shelter is used to watching dogs being dropped off by their owners for all sorts of reasons, but Ox’s story disheartened them like never before. They posted his gut-wrenching photo on their Facebook page, hoping someone would see the sad, confused dog and decide to give him a loving home in which he could live out the rest of his days. They worried he’d be too emotionally scarred and stressed to ever find a home or love again.

But the people of the Internet banded together. Animal lovers weren’t about to let Ox sit in the shelter for one minute more.

Less than two hours after the shelter posted Ox’s picture to Facebook, something incredible happened — and it will restore your faith in humanity.

Old Dog

Just last week, an old dog named Ox hung his head down low as a shelter employee snapped his photo. Ox was surrendered by his owner after 14 years, because his owner’s new significant other was allergic to him.

“We understand that people surrender pets to us for various reasons, and that’s what we’re here for,” wrote the Humane Society for Hamilton County. “But all we can do when we encounter a situation like this is collectively shake our heads… and hope. Hope that someone will see this heartbreaking picture of a 14-year-old dog surrendered, and will be moved to do something.”

And moved they were…Old Dog

Ox’s story spread around the Internet like wildfire. People were outraged that this senior dog was abandoned by his owner, especially after so many years.

The shelter was overwhelmed by a flood of emails, phone calls, and visitors who clamored to bring Ox home.

Less than two hours after Ox’s photo was posted on Facebook, it was official: Ox had found his new home, and this time it’d be forever.

I’ll never understand how someone could abandon their pet like this, but thank God Ox will live out the rest of his days being loved by Lee Ann and her wonderful family.

Lee Ann says Ox has already made great progress in his new home. He’s beginning to settle down, he’s stopped panting, and he’s already began bonding with his new family.

In light of the popularity surrounding Ox’s Facebook post and adoption, the Humane Society for Hamilton County is hoping his story will inspire others to step forward and open their hearts and homes to more shelter pets in need.

Now that Ox has found his forever home, there are so many other senior dogs who need homes for the holidays. Please SHARE this happy ending with your friends on Facebook, and spread the word!