No One Knew How The Older Labrador Would React To The New Lab Puppy, Wait Until You See Their Introduction!


This adorable labrador pup was brought home, but everyone was worried about whether or not the eight-year-old lab would accept the new member of the family.

The family was pleasantly surprised when they saw how these two reacted to each other when they first met.

They got along perfectly from the very start. And the older lab even took over his duties of tagging along with the puppy as he explored, just to make sure he was ok.

This video is precious, with the adult lab watching over his new younger sibling, and the puppy thoroughly enjoying the attention he gets from his new big brother.

His new buddy comes over with a toy that’s hard for the puppy to resist…

This Labrador pup enjoys exploring everything new around him.

He’s just arrived at his new place and just like any other dog, he wanted to sniff and lick everything around him, as if he’s wanting to make sure to familiarize himself with everything about his new home.

Watch the adorable video below:

I think this puppy has a wonderful new home, and everyone, including his big brother lab, seems happy to have him there!

I just know that these two will be friends forever!