Partially Paralyzed Puppy Is Nothing But A Hyper Active Sweetheart!


There are terrible debilitating conditions in the world that can make it difficult for our pets to function. Their mobility, sight, or other senses can be affected in such a way that they require a little bit of help to function.

Partially Paralyzed Puppy

But even these conditions aren’t enough to put a damper on their day, as is the case with this lovable, friendly pup.

Partially Paralyzed Puppy

Lieutenant Dan is a two-month old pit bull puppy who has Hindlimb Paraparesis. This condition grants him very limited control in the movement of his hind legs, which makes it difficult for him to move around on a daily basis, or even stand up.

Partially Paralyzed Puppy

Life for such a puppy can be quite difficult, but thanks to the loving care of Bialy’s Wellness Foundation, Lieutenant Dan is living life to the fullest.

He has a mobility wheelchair that he absolutely loves, as it helps him to get around and play with the other dogs outside.

Partially Paralyzed Puppy
His favorite is his older foster brother, Josh, who doesn’t mind cuddling with the little guy once he’s tuckered out after a day of romping around.

He’s also great friends in high places, such as Fifty the two-legged pit bull and his foster sister, Jane.

In the future, Lieutenant Dan will have some corrective surgery to make it easier for him to walk, but until then, he’s quite content with his life the way it is, and acts like there’s absolutely nothing wrong with him. This pup is definitely an optimist at heart! Share away, people!