‘People Are Awesome’ Is A Great Compilation Of Amazing Physical Achievements From 2014


While you were maybe stuck in your cubicle, there were fearless human beings pushing their bodies and skills to the limits in 2014. The “People Are Awesome” compilation video displays the tremendous feats that talented individuals achieved in the past year.

There are no boundaries, as we find out in the exhilirating video. People are skydiving into moving cars, jumping off the 1,379-foot Kuala Lumpur Tower, skiing through flaming Christmas trees, doing handstands on skyscrapers, speeding down a Slip n’ Slide and splashing into a kiddie pool.

In the spectacular compilation there are clips from every sport imaginable including high jump, BASE jumping, taekwondo, freestyle kayaking and even extreme sport trampoline. There is also astounding golf, frisbee and basketball trick shots.

The exciting video features some of the best at their game including professional surfer Kelly Slater, frisbee trick shot artist Brodie Smith, BMX rider Ryan Taylor and freestyle basketball player Tommy Baker. The Utah Jazz Dunk Team makes a cameo with a double flip dunk shown in slow-motion.

As we learn from the video, if it has wheels, people will perform eye-popping stunts on it. Whether it be BMX bikes, skateboards, unicycles, scooters and even wheelchairs, some humans can push their vehicles to the limits.

The soundtrack for the video is the electronic song “Heroes (We Could Be)” by Swedish DJ and electronic dance music producer Alesso, as well as singer and songwriter Tove Lo, who is also from Sweden.

The YouTube channel “People Are Awesome” has been making these best of the year compilations since 2010 and have over 200,000 subscribers to the channel. In only one day the video has over 300,000 YouTube views.