What Do Pets Do When We’re Not At Home? The Secret Life Of Pets.


We’ve always been intrigued by what our pets do when we’re not home. We want to believe that they sleep while we’re gone, or staring out of the windows at cars passing by. No one would expect the mischief our animals can get into when they have the houses to themselves.

The trailer for this wonderful movie, “The Secret Life of Pets” indulges pet owners in the mysteries of their pets’ antics. Pets have busy lives of their own that don’t always cater to their needs, and being home alone gives them the freedom to do the things that they normally wouldn’t do with their humans there.

We’d probably stare in awe if this is some of the things are pets get involved in, but who are we to stop them from having some fun of their own every now and again?! Share away, people!