A Pig Rejected Her Litter Of Piglets. What This Dog Did To Help? I Can’t Believe It!


The bottom line is that natural selection may be the reason a mother abandons her young, according to sciencefocus.com. Food is often in limited supply, and the mother may cull the weakest newborns to ensure the healthy ones survive. Sometimes, if a new, first time, mom doesn’t bond properly with her babies for whatever reason, she may kill them all.

On a farm in Knott’s Island, North Carolina, a small litter of piglets was rejected by their mother; she would not let any of them, nurse. Courtney Culpepper Waterfield, the farm’s owner, saw this and took in the piglets to raise herself. She wasn’t alone, her 12-year-old Jack Russell terrier, Dottie Jayne, stepped up and helped with some of the mothering duties!

Take a look at this video!

When they were first born, Dottie Jayne watched over them – eventually, she began producing milk for them! Dottie is the best adoptive mom ever! Share away, people!