This Pit Bull being Rescued Will Make You Shed Tears Of Joy!


Penelope, a sick an injured Pit Bull, was successfully rescued by a team from Hope For Paws. When the team found her, Penelope was nestled into a makeshift nest that someone had built her as a hiding place. When the team approached her, she didn’t move. She did, however eat the food that was offered to her. After the team discovered the extent of her injuries, they took the necessary precautions to ensure a safe and successful rescue.

After being treated for her injuries and being shown some much needed love and care, Penelope was able to become the happy pup she was always meant to be.

Seeing videos like this truly warms the heart because no animal deserves to be abandoned. They deserve to be loved and cared for. And to see these scared, abandoned animals finally getting the love they deserve is absolutely amazing.