Pit Bull dad wants to spend time with his puppies


Pit bulls are tough dogs, they are muscular, and combine this with their serious faces, you get the perfect look of a tough dog. It’s like they are the dogs you would see going to the Gym everyday, if there was a gym for dogs, of course.

Pit bulls are also known to be unstoppable when attacking, when they want to take someone or something down, they will give it every thing they got.

Maybe those are the reasons behind why they have such a bad reputation. But Pit bulls are not BAD DOGS, quite the contrary, they attack only when they are directly threatened, or when their owner is in danger.

Their look is like the cover of the book, it’s just the cover, but what’s inside is completely different than you’d expect.

Pit bulls are noble protectors, they are guardians, and they have the kindest hearts, just look at Rocky.

With a tough name and a tough look, Rocky is one of the dogs that people fear when he walks on the streets, but if those people saw this video they wouldn’t jump away from his way, ever.

Rocky is the father of nine adorable little puppies, and when they come to visit, you can see him turning from the though guy to the sweetest father. You can’t miss the look of love in his eyes, or the way he gently moves around them, and how they keep moving and jumping around him. He kisses them and plays with them, and just two seconds into the video, you can’t remember why you thought of him as a tough guy when he’s obviously as sweet as an apple pie!Pit Bull dad

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