Poor Pit Bull Fell Down A Mine Shaft And Gave Up On Life, Until This Happened


This is a story of a poor pit bull who was probably minding her own business when suddenly she fell deep inside an unmanned mine shaft in Corona, California. Let’s imagine a situation like that, it’s horrible even to think of it right? This poor dog had given up on life, because who’s going to take the time to come where she was stuck? Who would risk their lives to save hers? These people.

You see a person named Michael Schoepf and his friends were near Corona when they came by this mine shaft. I think they wanted to see maybe how deep it was, instead they saw this pit bull who instantly looked into their eyes. She couldn’t believe this and only hoped that they would save her. On the other hand, these men were determined, they knew that they couldn’t just leave her there. They had to do something.