Tips for Pit Bull Owners Pros and Cons of Owning a Pit Bull


Pit Bulls Form Very Strong Bonds with Their Owners.

You will have a devoted comrade for life. But this friendship comes with a pricetag. You’ll have to honor your dog’s loyalty and devotion and be ready to commit LOTS of quality time (at least 2 hours a day) to your pet for life.

Pit Bull Owners Pros and ConsTo banish your dog to the backyard or leaving him alone for long periods of time for weeks on end can cause him to become depressed, and/or destructive.??? The more time you spend with your pit bull, the more you’ll enjoy him.? And isn’t that why you wanted a dog in the first place?

Pit Bulls are Agile, Athletic and FUN.

Pit Bull Owners Pros and ConsPit Bulls can be Escape Artists!? Many can climb tall fences, dig underneath, or Houdini their way out of the most secure yards.? Many are forever lost or stolen once they’re out.? And a Pit Bull running loose is likely to get into the kinds of trouble that give this beed a bad rap.? Owners should provide a very secure set-up and supervise all play when the dog is outdoors, and keep him indoors when no one’s home.? If indoor accommodations are not possible, we recommend an outdoor kennel run with a good lock, or a well designed cable tie-out.??Always have a collar and tags?on your dog in case they do get lost.? Microchip your pet too!? On behalf of all the lost pit bullies who never make it safely back to their home, LCAS ask you to PLEASE be extra safe with your dog!? Our shelter is filled with pit bulls and pit mixes even though they account for less than a third of the dogs impounded.? Fewer are returned to their owners and they are much harder to adopt into good homes.

Pit Bulls are impressive dogs to show off in agility work, flyball, and other exciting dog sports.? You can utilize a pit bull’s athletic talents by having a great time with your pooch in ways that may surprise you.

Pit Bulls Love to Swim, Run, Play Frisbee and Romp in the Great Outdoors.


Pit Bull Owners Pros and ConsFinding places where your dog can run offlead can be very difficult, if not impossible!? If your dog gets in a fight with another dog, things could go very badly very fast.? You may be the one to get into trouble and your dog could end up in jail, even if he wasn’t the one to start the fight.? Because?of the current prejudice against pit bulls, because your pit bull can cause a lot of damage to another dog, and because it’s impossible to completely avoid poorly managed loose aggressive dogs in dog parks (this includes YOUR dog if you’re not on top of his dog aggression potential!), smart owners of mature bull breeds choose to play it safe and steer clear of these places in favor of safer options.

Because many pit bulls tend to be happier around dogs that they know, you may be able to find or create ‘play groups’ where your dog can regularly visit with other dog ‘friends’ for fun and exercise.? Both you and your dog will benefit from the extra socialization.

Pit Bulls are very active dogs that need a LOT of run around time and exercise, but are generally not compatable with off-leash dog parks.? Don’t get a young pit bull if you live your life in the slow lane.

Pit Bulls Love Kids.


Pit Bull Owners Pros and ConsIts a well known fact – Well managed, responsibly owned pit bulls are some of the best family dogs.? The American Canine Temperament Test Society lists this breed as having one of the most stable temperaments of any of the purebreds, right up there with golden retrievers.

Pit Bulls are Social Butterflies?- Your dog will LOVE to go places with you to see the sights and visit with your friends, family, and strangers on the street.? Over the last 20 years or so, the pit bull has fallen victim to the careless deeds of unethical breeders, irresponsible and even shady owners.? This bad combination, along with teh handiwork of a sensationalistic media, has done a terrible thing our beloved breed.? As a result, myths, misdeeds, misunderstanding and hysteria abound!? When you walk around with your pitdog, you’ll no doubt encounter people who’ll be afraid of her or who give your trouble for having a pit bull.? By taking your well behavied bully out into the world, you’ll have the pleasant opportunity to talk to lots of folks that you meet.? By doing so, you can help dispel the myths about pit bulls as you proudly show off your lovable pit bull by your side will probably bring you more interesting conversations then you ever thought possible. And undoubtedly, you’ll be making friends while you’re busy changing minds. Enjoy!

Pit Bulls are Clean Animals with Short Coats

These handsome hunks have few grooming needs and are generally easy to care for.? They don’t like to be left out in the cold.? Your pit bull will want to be where its warm: inside with you!? They’ll keep you warm while trying to keep themselves warm.? And they look great in groovie little winter dog jackets and sweaters.



Top 15 Tips for Being a Responsible Dog Owner

1. Obedience train your dog so he/she’s a star in all situations.

2. Neuter/Spay your dog to curb territorial aggression, to prevent more (and more and more) unwanted puppies, and prevent your dog from roaming.? All dogs are MUCH nicer to be around when they’ve been fixed!

3. Keep your dog a Social Butterfly.? Socialize him/her with as many different people as possible, with kids, seniors, disabled folks, and people of all differnt ethnicities.

4. Socialize your dog with other dogs! at a level that is GOOD for your dog.

5. Become a dedicated student of ‘Dog Body Language’ and get to know your dog like the back of your hand in order to be able to anticipate and prevent potential dog-dog conflicts.? Learn about behaviors that indicate a dog is raising the stakes during a play session and be ready to intervene and watch for other triggers that could excite your dog into conflict.? Pay carefull attention to the behavioral changes that develop as your dog moves through the changes in her life, particularly her anticipated ‘shift’ from dog social dog to dog that has less tolerance.? This is common and normal in the terrier breeds, so keep your eye out.

6. Respect the Leash Laws!? Leash laws are a dog owner’s best friend.? The help you navigate situations where another dog may provoke your dog into a fight, Know Your Rights As a Dog Owner.

7. Understand that any sign of aggression towards humans is a major red flag and should be dealt with immediately with the help of a BREED EXPERIENCED trainer or behaviorist.? Dogs that show an inability to improve should be safeguarded from the public (in secure housings for example) or in some cases, humanely euthanized.? Pit bulls were bred to be exceedingly friendly with people.

8. Exercise your dogs regularly so she/he can burn off that famous bulldog energy.? Pit bulls are intelligent athletes, and young dogs need at least two hours of your time each day – Minimum!? A well exercised pit bull is a happy pit bull, and his/her owner is a happier owner.

9. Understand that many people have had negative experiences with dogs and are sincerely afraid of them.? Give them reassurance when you can, rather than allow them to be unnecessarily frightened.? Pit bull owners have to go above and beyond the call of duty sometimes to help some people get over their fear and prejudice.? To the uninitiated, pit bull faces can take some getting used to.? What pit bull lovers see as ADORABLE – others may see as scary.

10. Try to develop a thick skin to help you endure rude or hurtful comments about your pet.

11. When out with your dog, pay attention to your surroundings and balance the needs of the public with your dog’s needs.? This means picking up dog mess, not letting her jump on or annoy others, and avoiding off leash dogs that may run up and instigate a fight.

12. If worse comes to worse and you have to break up a dogfight, stay calm, take a deep breath and be prepared to do it quickly and safely.? Pit bull owners should know exactly how to do this with as little fuss as possible, and then work to make sure it never happens!? You may want to carry a parting stick with you in areas where you might encounter loose running dogs that may harrass or attack your leashed dog.

13. Research your dog’s breed, including the history and original purpose of terriers so you can understand his behavior.? It’s no secret that pit bulls can show dog intolerance when challenged, so knowing the ins and outs of canine behavior will be your biggest help in enjoying great success with your pet.? Spread the word to other pit bull owners and be a responsible example others can learn from.

14. License and microchip your pit bull so that if she/he gets out your beloved friend will be returned to you.

15. Despite all the work, enjoy your dog!? Whether your buddy loves a long hike, a fast swim or just a rip snorin’ power nap, you and your special friend deserve to keep soakin’ up all the Good Bully Love!