The proof that Pit bull puppies are just like any puppies


So today we thought let’s remind the world why we keep saying that Pit Bulls are just dogs, they are not monsters that feed on children and love to scare other people. The fact is with socialization and proper training your Pit Bull could be one of the friendliest dogs there could ever be, yes he will still be a very strong dog but he will not attack any person or animal unless he feels threatened, just like any other dog, the Pit Bull has an instinct to protect himself, his possessions and his territory, he’s a guardian by nature.

What About Puppies Believe it or not, Pit Bull puppies are still puppies, they are not little monsters that wants to seduce you with their cuteness until you get near them so they could rip your throat out, they are normal puppies, and today we have a proof.

What would a puppy do if he is given a ball He’ll play with it

What would a couple of puppies do if they are given a ball. They will fight over it, everyone of them will want it to himself and this is where the fun begins. In the video which you will find below are three adorable Pit Bull puppies each one of them trying to have the ball to himself, and because the three are equally strong it seems like none of them is ever gonna get it to himself, so they are all entangled in their fight for the ball!

The Video is right below, watch it and share the story and tell us in a comment if you too believe they are adorable little pups.