Pit Bull Rescues Little Girl Being Attacked By Labrador


The minute a pit bull puppy nips at someone’s ankles, it makes headlines about the pit bull being a dangerous breed. Pit Bull Rescues Little Girl and pit bulls aren’t always the aggressors. Sometimes, they’re the hero. One Florida girl can tell you that her pit bull didn’t attack her, but came to her rescue. Remayah Hernandez, age 5, was attacked by the neighbor’s Labrador while riding her bike. Reports say she tried to pet the dog and it attacked. The Lab bit her in the face. That’s when Trigger, the Hernandez family’s pit bull, came to the rescue. Trigger jumped a fence and fought the Lab to defend Remayah. The Lab was killed in the fight.

“He bit me in the face, and I went to the hospital because I got bitten by the lips,” Remayah said of the Lab attack. Her face is badly scarred around the lip, eye and cheek, and she will need plastic surgery.”To me, he’s like a hero. He’s a protective dog,Pit Bull Rescues myLittle Girl

” Remayah’s mother, Lucila, said. She feels she owes her daughter’s life to Trigger. “We taught him to be protective and caring for the family.”

The Lab owner says he’s worried about the little girl, but thinks his dog was innocent. “He was just a great dog, he was a very nice dog,” said Nehemias Gaspar.”This would never have happened to her if he would have just kept his dog where he belongs, in the house or tied up,” said Lucila. While the death of a dog is always sad, Trigger comes out an unlikely hero; he shows that his breed isn’t all bad.Pit Bull Rescues

Sadly, Tank was later picked up by animal control and euthanized. His owner, Nehemias Gaspar, said he didn’t know how his dog got out, and was working at the time. He was very friendly with all of the kids. He was a great dog. He was a very nice dog, he said. She said the family is having to use money they saved to take Remayah to Disney World to pay for her plastic surgery. They have set up a Go Fund Me account to raise money to still take her to Disney World and get her mind off of the attack.