Dad wants to break the pit bull stereotype, posts photos of his baby son sleeping with them


Unfortunately, pit bulls are often unfairly labeled as violent and aggressive—many refuse to come near a pit bull when, in reality, they are just as loving and sweet as all other dogs. These stereotypes can make it difficult for pit bulls to find families, and deprive them of the happy endings they deserve.

For Jarad, a father of two, there are no dogs he’d rather have as friends for his two small sons than his pitties.

Jarad breeds American Bully dogs at home, and loves photographing them with his kids as they play together or snuggle up for a nap.

Jarad’s baby son has a very special bond with the pit bulls. The dogs are remarkably gentle and tender with baby Cruise, and he absolutely adores them.

While Jarad has been criticized on the Internet, he truly believes that the dogs will never be a threat to his children, and hopes that the heartwarming videos and photos he shares can challenge the negative stereotypes surrounding pit bulls. He and his family have given the pit bulls nothing but love and care, allowing the dogs to genuinely show their affection in return.

Watch the video below to see Jarad’s photos of the pitties’ sweet interactions with his sons, which are sure to pull at your heartstrings.

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