What the found in a pit bull stomach after she gave birth shocked them!


Hope for Paws is not a new name as they have been helping the poor dogs and rescuing them for years and their efforts are just amazing. Eldad is a worker in that organization who heard that there?s a mother Pit bull abandoned in someone?s backyard that seems to be worried. Anyone could tell that there was something wrong with the pit bull and she was acting very strangely and looked in need of help.

A surprise for everyone

While it did panic Eldad for a second but is more than experienced and wise to deal with such matters. He has been helping the dogs for years and he used his experience to help the mother dog get rid of her pain. They were expecting a lot of troubles but luckily it didn?t come down to this but their efforts paid off and it went smoothly. Moreover, there was a little surprise in the end for everyone and it made their day. We won?t spoil it for you so go ahead watch the video to find out what that is.