This Abandoned Pit Bull Was Scared Of People But Her Reaction After Being Rescued is The Most Precious


Pit bulls are widely considered extremely violent. Their sturdy build and rather menacing looking disposition can easily unnerve most. Often this breed is accused of wanton violence against babies, kids, people, and other dogs. Hence when Hope For Paws, a dog rescue mission, received a call from Rescue from the Hart about a pit bull stranded in a remote location, the rescue workers took extreme precaution.

Sure enough, they spotted a rather sturdily built pit bull wandering in a fenced field outside the city limits. The dog appeared healthy, but rescuers observed that the female pit bull appeared to be walking laboriously, a sure sign of malnourishment. The fatigued pit bull was assumed to have been abandoned by her owners and left to fend for herself. She would have easily died in the barren wilderness if it wasn’t for the rescuers.


The rescuers couldn’t pick her immediately since the pit bull had managed to get inside a fenced government property. Going inside without proper permissions would be illegal. As a result, the rescue workers had to lure her out. Fortunately, this wasn’t the first time they had rescued such abandoned dogs in tough spots. Using a cheeseburger, the rescue team managed to get the pit bull outside the enclosure, but she couldn’t be picked up just yet, reported The Huffington Post. Abandoned dogs can get pretty aggressive due to severe malnourishment. However, the pit bull went straight for the cheeseburger, simply indicating that she must have been hungry for a long time. It also suggested that she was a domesticated pet lacking the proper skills to survive in the wild or by herself.

Slowly placing bits of food to make her approach the van proved futile since the pit bull didn’t trust these strangers. How could she when her own folks had turned their backs on her. With her tail firmly between her legs, the pit bull would eat the morsels and then back away, reported Orvis. Hence the rescue workers placed a cage with food and decided to wait at some distance. Sure enough, hunger got the better of her and she wandered into the trap and was caught. What surprised the rescue workers was the calmness that the pit bull showed. However, they would later learn the true reason for her calm composure while being lifted and transported in the back of the rescue van.

To ensure the Pit Bull wasn’t just waiting for the perfect moment to attack, the rescue workers decided to transport her to a secure location before letting her out. But they were in for a very sweet surprise when they let her out and offered her water. The pit bull, instead of lapping up the water, first wanted attention, love, and cuddles. Apparently, the pit bull was as hungry for love as she was for food and water. Owing to her lovable nature, Lisa and Linda, the rescue workers, have named her Bunny.

The video shows the amazing transformation of Bunny from a scared pit bull to a loving dog. The rescue team is now looking for a home for Bunny, one that will not abandon her.