Pit Bull With Terminal Cancer Finally Knows Love After Being Taken In By Foster Mom


Grandma Dot is a deaf, heartworm positive, dog reactive, senior Pit Bull with terminal cancer. She never had a real home until one day a new volunteer at the shelter happened to meet her during her introductory tour and learned her sad history.

Grandma Dot arrived at LifeLine Animal Project’s animal shelter with a heavy chain around her neck and was surrendered by her owner. They believe the elderly Pit Bull was chained up outside before she came to them. Although she doesn’t like other dogs and appears to have been used for breeding, Grandma Dot is also super affectionate and loves nothing better than a big hug and cuddle.

The rescue shelter was hoping to find her a home, then they received devastating news. She had cancer – an untreatable lymphoma.

LifeLine Animal Project was devastated when they learned that Grandma Dot was terminally ill. They didn’t want her to spend her remaining days inside the shelter so they sent out a plea for help.

“Our precious Grandma Dot was recently diagnosed with Lymphoma. We are absolutely heartbroken for this wonderful senior pup and want to find her a foster home as soon as possible,” they wrote on Facebook. “We are not sure how long she has left – it could be weeks, it could be months – but she deserves to know life outside of our shelter walls.”

They added that they would provide all the food and supplies and vet care for Grandma Dot, all she needed from the person who took her in was “love”.


Their plea went out at the same time Jessica Miller was just completing her volunteer orientation at their shelter. While on tour at their facilities, she stopped by Grandma Dot’s kennel – the last she would see that day.

She learned about Grandma Dot’s sad life and the staff’s hope that she would have a true home for whatever time she had remaining.