Homeless Pit Bull With Tumors All Over Her Belly Gets Saved and Thanks Her Rescuers in the Sweetest Way


It doesn’t take much to make us feel all the feelings when watching a dog rescue video. Some rescues, however, prove to be especially touching to witness. Hope For Paws‘ most recent rescue, where they changed the life of a Pit Bull – who then thanked him in the most beautiful way – is one of such videos.

Hope For Paws received a text about a stray bleeding Pit Bull who desperately needed help. When the rescuers got to the dog, she was hiding under a car, terribly scared of people. The fear and anxiety were clearly visible in the dog’s eyes. The team tried to win the dog’s trust, but she was too scared to crawl out from under the car. Thankfully, she eventually calmed down and peeped out long enough for rescuers to fit her with a Lucky Leash.

Once in the car, she transformed into a totally different dog. She immediately put her head in her savior’s lap and then crawled up to give him a big hug and a kiss!

The dog, now named Leesa, turned out to have a big ruptured mammary mass on her belly. She underwent surgery to remove the tumor and was spayed. Afterward, she already had a foster home ready and waiting to welcome her. She is now waiting for her new family to give her a forever home!