Pitbull High Speed Skateboard Run Fail


Logan’s daily routine Of A 2 mile a day run he does pulling me around the streets nearly killing me at times when he runs at full speed as if I’m not even attached lol, I think Logan easily has the speed to outrun a boosted board so if Casey Neistat is down whenever hes in Los Angeles Logan is here to race lol

Logan is also a highly trained pitbull knowing tricks from Sit, Shake, High Five, Crawl, Wave, Roll Over, Play Dead, Search, Retrieve, Put Away His Own Toys In A Box, identify toys, and even respond vocally on command sometimes mimicking the exact sounds for words hes trying to say, and plenty More tricks like running and stopping on command, on this channel we will be making tutorial Videos of how learning Learned all these Behaviors an teach you how to do it yourself with your canine friends.