Polar Bears In This Region Look Like Dogs And They Need Your Help


When you think about polar bears, you imagine gigantic creatures with tons of fur, super photogenic, and fun to watch, right? Well the reality in this region is completely different. In Svalbard, one of the islands that belong to Norway, polar bears look like malnourished and neglected dogs.

Scientists say that the polar bear population in Svalbard is doing well, but the truth is devastating. The photo you’re about to see is real and heartbreaking. In Svalbard, there are very less female polar bears and cubs, and some bears are so malnourished that their body index ranges at 2 on a scale of 1 to 5.

Take a look at this imagePolar BearsEven the scientists know that the polar bear population is falling, but no one’s doing anything about it. Because of the climate change, i.e. ice melting faster than ever before, mothers lose all their cubs in two years time. Please sign this petition so that Norwegian authorities can do something about these poor polar bears. Please SHARE.