Police Rescue 67 Puppies From Cold Van Outside Pet Store


Paramus, New Jersey police officers found an extremely cold van behind a pet store with something that is almost too horrific to think about. The van was full of cages with multiple puppies in each cage. Some of the cages had no food or water in them.Police Rescue

This horrific act was committed by the owner of the pet store. This isn’t the first time he has been under investigation, either. He owns several pet stores and has had health violations and animal cruelty charges against him, yet he is still able to do business.Police Rescue

I want to know how a sick person can get away with this, and continue to get away with it after several cases. This man obviously doesn’t care about the safety and health of these dogs, so he shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near animals. When questioned about the van, the owner of the pet store had several smart remarks, blaming the police officers for the low temperature of the van and saying the multiple puppies in each cage was because they were siblings and he “didn’t want to separate them.”Police Rescue

I hope this man is punished for what he has done. These poor, helpless animals just want to be loved and safe, but instead they are neglected and scared. I give big props to the Paramus Police Department. If it wasn’t for them, who knows how long those puppies would be there