Man Wins $100K From City Of Detroit After Police Shoot And Kill His Dog


Dog daddy Darryl Lindsay sued the city of Detroit for killing his dog named Babycakes. She was a Dogue de Bordeaux shot down on January 31st, 2016.

The city awarded him $100,000.

Police got a call about an active shooter and surrounded Lindsay’s home. The dog was securely tethered outside the plaintiff’s home with a 10-foot steel cable when police officer Darrell Dawson walked up and shot the defenseless dog. The video is absolutely chilling.

Thanks to police dashboard camera footage, (obtained via the Freedom of Information Act) you can clearly see Dawson approach Babycakes, standing just out of her reach, he shoots her in the chest, and then shoots her once again dropping Babycakes to the ground and killing her.

Nothing can replace the loss of a loved one but we hope this sends a message that you can’t just walk onto someone’s property and kill their pet.

No shooter was ever found in the area.