When You See Why This Poor Pit Bull Was Abandoned, You Will Cry


This is the tale of Poly, the blind pit bull found abandoned in California by Santa Barbara County Animal Services. Poly, the gorgeous 3-year-old pit bull was, found cowering around the bench in a park, earlier this month. When the rescue crew reached, none could deduce how long she could have been sitting there, all alone and scared.

Poor Pit Bull Was AbandonedPoly was, taken to the shelter and the vets found that she also had a heart condition and minor skin infection. While the crew analysed her reports, they also found that she had also given birth recently; however, the pups were nowhere to be, found.

She was then, taken to Foreverhome Pet Rescue in Los Angeles who stepped in for Poly to find a suitable foster home. The volunteers at the shelter recall her as a lovely girl who deserves bigger love than she had yet felt. Poor Pit Bull Was AbandonedIn her lovely new foster home, Poly is getting all that she needs, both medically and psychologically. Poly is an internet celebrity as her foster family has been regularly updating reports on her health, vet visits and adventures on their Facebook profile. Moreover, the crowd loves her and finds her a great inspiration. Poor Pit Bull Was AbandonedThe fact is, if she as not rescued from the park, the future that awaits her medically was grave. Poly was blind and left alone even by her pups perhaps, but she did not lose the love to live. Poly may not be able to see the world with her eyes, but she sure feels it with her heart and soul!

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