Poor Pit Bull Living In Horrible Conditions Finally Rescued On The Brink Of Death


When we take a dog into our home, we’re expected to take care of all of their needs. From feeding them to keeping them warm and happy, to the occasional toss of a tennis ball, that’s all that our dogs expect from us. But there are some people who get dogs who couldn’t care less about their needs, to the point of complete neglect.Poor Pit Bull

Scout is one such dog who was brought in to Rescue Dogs Rock.

Poor Pit Bull

He was a pile of skin and bones when he came in, weighing at only twenty-nine pounds.

Poor Pit BullHe could barely walk or stand from being so weak, and his body was also covered in ulcers and sores.Poor Pit Bull
Thanks to the staff at the shelter, Scout has been making great strides in his recovery, and has been gaining at least five pounds within his first week of being there.Poor Pit Bull

He is now able to walk and stand on his own, and his skin condition is improving every single day to reveal the beautiful soft coat that he has.Poor Pit Bull

Scout is able to get around on his own too, and has been providing kisses to all of the people who have been involved in his care.

Poor Pit Bull

The spreading of his story through social media has helped the shelter to raise enough money to continue caring for Scout until he’s healthy enough to be ready for adoption.

Poor Pit Bull

It doesn’t make any sense why someone would neglect such a sweet dog to the point of being on the brink of death.Poor Pit Bull

Thankfully, Scout has gotten the second chance at live that he deserves and will hopefully finding a loving forever home with owners who won’t mind spoiling him with a few treats every now and again.Poor Pit Bull

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