A Pregnant Pit Bull Was Put In A High Kill Shelter. But No One Expected What Would Follow…


Before we start with this incredible video, let’s learn a shocking fact. Did you know that in the US an estimated 1 million pit bull dogs are euthanized each year? This means that on a daily basis, approximately 2,800 pit bulls are forced to sleep, other sources estimate that number is much higher. How many pit bulls are available for adoption? Nearly 35,000. Yes that’s correct. No one wants them because of the misconception around them.

But thankfully that wasn’t the case for this family and one pregnant pit bull. A pregnant pit bull was rescued form the streets of Los Angeles and instantly taken to a high kill shelter. The poor pup would have obviously thought about her unborn puppies, hoping for a miracle to happen. The best part? A miracle happened and it’s just too amazing!

Take a look at this video


Yes this fur ball was not only rescued from a high kill shelter, but she was also placed in a home with other rescues who help her raise her little ones! What a happy ending! Share away, people!