A protector adopts protector that had suffered a lot in life


Sadism at its extreme

A woman tried to break the neck of a dog off before that dog was to be thrown away as a garbage. This was not atoddler trying to figure out what a toy is made up of and ending up breaking the toy. It was a full adult 22-year-old woman who was most probably doing it to gain pleasure from the misery of a dog. She was arrested for this unimaginable piece of inhuman act and was sentenced to prison for 180 days.

Happy ever after

The dog was of a small size but showed real strength of belief and physique. It survived the attempt of being decapitated and the Police arrived at the scene. Chris Santimarino, a Copely Police Office, was on duty and took the little buddy with him to the station where he decided that he will keep the dog with tender loving care. Dogs saving lives of humans has been seen so often but humans saving the life of a dog and ending up adopting him is truly amazing gesture which restores our faith in humanity.